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Oxygenics SkinCare Gold Shower Head Review

If your old fashioned shower head leaves a little to be desired, perhaps you should consider a new and improved one from Oxygenics. By design, it is meant to improve water pressure so that you will never

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Delta In2ition Review: Two in One Shower Head

Handheld showers are a favorite among many people due to their flexibility and design. Parents and pet-owners find them much easier to use, as do the elderly and disabled. One option that has a lot of

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Moen Velocity S6320 Rain Shower Head Review

Would you enjoy a shower that felt like you were standing in a pouring rain? Some feel that it is one of the most relaxing experiences that a person can have. One of the most popular name brands for all

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Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Shower Head Review

The Thunderhead Shower head extension arm features 4 self-locking ratchet joins allowing the client to adjust the movement to suit their taste. This includes up, down and sideways adjustments without having

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Speakman Anystream S-2252 Shower Head Review

Are you tired of a shower that is not very refreshing? Does it lack water pressure or does it simply not feel like the stream is getting you clean? Maybe it is time to upgrade your shower head to a high

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Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Head System Review

If a good shower is as important to you as it is for most people, then you may want to consider all the new options bath fixtures. One of the main ones that has people everywhere talking is the Raindance

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The Kohler Moxie Showerhead Review

Everyone loves a good shower. Manufacturers in the bathroom industry try to keep this in mind and constantly try to create new shower heads that take it one step further. Kohler is no different. They

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Aquasource Shower Head: Tub Faucet with Hand Shower

Everyone is looking for the ultimate bath experience in their home. The Aquasource shower head could be the ideal solution. Available with or without the tub faucet depending on your needs, its unique

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The 2-in-1 Peerless Shower Head Review

Does your daily shower leave a little to be desired? Is it clogged and offer very little water pressure? There are a lot of ways ti improve your bathing experience. One of those is the new Peerless shower

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