Ana Bath Dual Shower Head Combo System Review

Ana Bath 5-Function Double Shower Head Combo

When you have had a long stressful day; you most likely want to relax. What is the best way to do it? For most people, it is a long, hot bath. On hot days, it may be a cooler one that does the trick. No matter what your preference, there are people who say that two is better than one when it comes to their bathroom facilities. For that reason, we have the Ana Bath combo system. If you think two could be better for you, you should read our full review of the Ana Bath Combo.

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Features of the Ana Bath Combo System

This amazing double shower head features a five-function handheld that is five inches around. It also has a stationary one of the same size. This means that they are wide enough to give you a full body spray. If it isn’t enough, you can pull out the handheld unit and take advantage of the 60-inch flexible hose.

The five functions of this handheld include a massaging spray, saturating spray, a bubbling spray, and two combination sprays. The combinations include saturating massage and saturating bubble. You can use one sprayer or both using the three-way diverter. This is ideal when you just want to use the hose, which will never twist up. You can also get a longer hose if you want it.

When you use these dual shower heads, you will have a unit that looks great at all times. It has easy clean spray nozzles and a beautiful brush nickel finish (also available in chrome here).

It is easy to install and does not require any tools. You will not even have to worry about adjusting the flow rate since they each have a flow rate of 2.31 GPM at 80 PSI.

You can also expect quality since it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. The measurements of this system are 7.8 x 6.3 x 13.1 inches, so it should work well in most homes.

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What Owners Say about this Dual Shower Head

The Ana Bath holds a rating of 4.5-stars. Most people are happy that it is so easily installed. They like the large heads, but some say that it is a little too large for people who want to have a hanging soap hanger or something similar. There are also some owners who say that it is plastic, but others say that every part of it high quality material. Some people have used it for only a few days and others have had it installed for several months and state that it still works like new. Overall, they say that it is a great product at a good value if you are looking for the best double shower head.

As with all products, there are some people who feel it is not worth having. Most all of them have a simple issue that is a factory default. They could most likely take advantage of the warranty coverage, but many just choose not to do so.

Is the Ana Bath Combo Worth Considering?

Although it is possible to have defects when you purchase this combo, they are rare. Defects can happen with any product and most of the time, it is not that big a deal. The same is true for this system. Therefore, we feel that if you want an enjoyable, relaxing experience, you will consider giving this unit a try.

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