Aquasource Shower Head Review with Handshower

Aquasource Shower Head: Tub Faucet with Hand Shower

Everyone is looking for the ultimate bath experience in their home. The Aquasource shower head could be the ideal solution. Available with or without the tub faucet depending on your needs, its unique 4 way diverter enables you to have a steady stream of water coming at you from all directions. Are you ready to enjoy your daily bath just a little more?

aquasource tub faucet with hand shower

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Aquasource Shower Head Review

The Aquasource shower head is a dual head system that offers a regular stationary unit as well as a handheld shower head nozzle. These two heads come with a 4-way diverter that has a pause feature built in as well. Therefore, this enables you to use the handheld, normal, or both units with a minor adjustment. For your safety, there is also a pressure balance, and a scald guard valve built into the unit. The Aquasource also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on it to give buyers peace of mind when they purchase it.

Features of the Aquasource Handshower

Unique 4-way water diverter with a pause feature that enables you to control your water and which unit it comes out of.

Drip-Free Ceramic Discs. You will not have to worry about leaks again.

Both handheld and the fixed unit can work individually or together to give you the ultimate experience.

Limited lifetime warranty to provide you to buy with confidence and know that if the parts fail, you are covered.

Added safety of a scald guard valve to protect young children from burns.

Pressure balance which allows 2.5 gallons of water per minute. This ensures you get the full amount of water pressure you want.

All metal design done with chrome finish to ensure it always looks modern and stylish.

aquasource shower head

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Advantages of the Aquasource

  • Safety Features
  • Dual Heads, Dual Control
  • Great Water Pressure from 2.5 gpm
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Possible Issues

  • Water Temp Safety Set at 108 Degrees
  • Not Easy Cleaning

Is the Aquasource For You?

On the Aquasource reviews, you will find that most people all across the web who have purchased it are very satisfied with their investment. They enjoy the water pressure that it has and they enjoy the fact that both units can be used together. However, many people do state that the Aquasource does have one major issue that is easy to work out. The safety switch is set for no more than 108 degrees to prevent people from getting burned. Consquently, this does not allow them to take super hot baths that some prefer. To fix this issue means you will simply have to go into the handle and adjust a red valve.

In the end, with the popularity behind the Aquasource name and the quality design that you are going to be getting, it is definitely an option that you should consider owning. It will take your shower to a whole new, enjoyable level after an easy installation that you will only have to deal with one time.