Benefits of a Cold Shower

Benefits of a Cold Shower

We have all heard of cold showers, and most of us choose to avoid them unless absolutely necessary. About the only time you will hear someone talk about them is when they feel overheated for one reason or another and it is not something that they mention as being pleasurable. However, this does not mean that most everyone in this world has not experienced a cold shower, most of the time because they had no control over it. It is that sudden chill you get when the hot water tank runs low or someone flushes the toilet at an unfortunate time. You may yell and fuss, you may attempt to jump away from it, but the truth remains; there are a lot of benefits to that sudden chill if you can handle it over a longer period of time. Can you imagine what the benefits of a cold shower may be?

benefits of a cold shower

Are Cold Showers Good for You?

Pretty much everyone will say that cold showers are not good for them. They don’t like the cold feeling and cannot imagine that it could be beneficial to get cooled off. The truth is, though, that slight chill can improve the way you look, think, and feel. It is something that many people are beginning to recommend you consider doing if there is something about yourself that you wish you could change.

Cold Showers Improve Your Mood

It is hard to believe that one of the main cold shower benefits is the way it enhances your mood, especially considering how grouchy some of us get over it, but it is true. It can relieve depression, boost your mood, and increase your alertness. You may have already realized that it can help you be more alert. Most all of us have washed our face in cold water when sleepy a time or two. A cold shower does the same thing, but on a larger scale. The way it eases depression and boosts your mood happens because cold water will send electrical pulses throughout your body. This can make you feel better and bring about other positive emotions.

How Cold Showers Help Your Body

Would you ever think that cold water could benefit your body by relieving pain, helping you to lose weight, and improve the way your hair and skin looks? It is shocking to some people. Most of us were raised being told that heat would remove pain, but now it seems the opposite is true. That is why professionals recommend cold showers after strenuous exercise. The fact that it helps you lose weight is because it kicks your body into high gear to try and get warm. This can help you lose around 9 pounds in a years’ time, provided you shower using cold water often. As an added bonus, it can also increase your circulation and give your immune system a kick start. Skin and hair impacts are more noticeable, faster. Conditioners work better if you rinse with cold water and your skin will not become as wrinkly. You will also have smaller pores if you use only cold water. Can you imagine using cold water to look and feel younger?

Are You Ready to Cool Off Your Shower?

There are many reasons you may want to change up your shower routine. If you decide to give it a try, keep in mind that success comes to those who shiver the most. The results will be well worth it and before long it will feel just as good as a warm shower does. The benefits of a cold shower outweigh the few moments of displeasure.