Top 5 Pedestal Bathroom Sink Reviews For Your Home Bathroom

Best Pedestal Sink For Your Small Bathroom

Are you tired of venturing into your bathroom and feeling confined because of the small area? Is your bathroom barely large enough to turn around in? You are not alone. You do not have to suffer anymore. In bathrooms that are very small, people everywhere are now choosing to go back in time to the idea of a bathroom pedestal sink. This one tiny decision can make all the difference in your bathroom, because they take away the vanity, immediately giving you more space. Browse the table below or skip to reviews of the best bathroom pedestal sink.

barclay pedestal sinkBarclay Hampshire Black 5.0$$$
kohler archer pedestal sinkKohler Archer4.9$$
kohler cimarron pedestal sinkKohler Cimarron 4.6$$
american standard pedestal sinkAmerican Standard Townsend 4.6$$$
bathroom pedestal sink comboForemost Group 1920 4.5$$

What is a Bathroom Pedestal Sink?

A bathroom pedestal sink is a type of sink that is freestanding. Typically, you have a base that runs up from the floor and then it becomes the bowl. It is a sink that can sit in the middle of the floor if you choose to have it there. This means you do not need a cabinet for your sink and you do not need a countertop for the bowl. You simply have to decide where you want your new sink to be and put it in that area. Immediately, you will have space that you never had before and for any tiny bathroom, this is a blessing.

Are Pedestal Sinks For You?

There is both good and bad to pedestal bathroom sinks. They save space, but you do lose some storage area. They are easy to organize because you do not have a countertop to pile stuff onto it. This is a slight issue for people who have a lot of toiletries that they use often piled around their sink. It may also require you to have a medicine cabinet or something nearby that can hold those necessities. With all of that, though, most people who have the freestanding sinks or pedestal sinks, say that they love it because of the floor space that they gain.

Is Installing a Pedestal Sink Easy?

Installing a pedestal bathroom sink is not much more difficult than installing other types of bathrooms sinks and vanities. Most have all connections at the base of the sink so that you simply hook up the water supply lines, the drain pipe, and use it. Everything is out in the open so you do not have to deal with getting into cabinets and running pipes or how to see inside of the dark hole that your bathroom vanity creates.

Top 5 Best Pedestal Sink Reviews

According to most homeowners that have a small bathroom, these are some of the best pedestal sinks available. It will also give you an idea of the types of sinks available. Which one will you enjoy calling your own? Will it be one of the Kohler pedestal sinks or some other name brand?

1. Foremost Group Pedestal Sink Combo

bathroom pedestal sink combo

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This white combination pedestal sink has a rectangular shape and clean lines. It has a splash guard along the back to protect your walls and this also gives it a chic style that will look good in any bathroom. There are predrilled holes for the faucet and holes in the bowl to prevent possible overflows. With one purchase you get the pedestal sink and the base. Your faucet will need to be purchased separately.

2. Kohler Archer

kohler archer pedestal sink

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The Kohler Archer pedestal sink is perhaps one of the most popular choices simply because of the wide color range that you can choose from. There are multiple colors from white to black and virtually everything between. Its predrilled holes use a faucet that has an 8-inch center. The style is basic, but the impact it can have in your bathroom is impressive.

3. Barclay Hampshire Black Pedestal Sink

barclay pedestal sink

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This pedestal sink has an oval shaped bowl. It is designed to be used with the 4inch center faucets. The black color makes it very versatile, regardless of what decor you have in your bathroom. The oval shape looks stylish and it is going to be easy to clean since there are no corners for dirt and grime to get into.

4. Kohler Cimarron

kohler cimarron pedestal sink

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This Kohler Cimarron pedestal sink has one hole for a faucet to sit in. It has an oblong oval shaped bowl and all water pipes and the drain will be hidden within the base of the sink. There are several color choices available, each one designed to make a small bathroom look great.

5. American Standard

american standard pedestal sink

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This American Standard pedestal sink needs an 8-inch faucet set. It has a small splash guard on the back to protect your wall from the water. There is a front overflow drain. It is simple in design, but features impressive detailing. Everything you need is included except for the faucet.