Reviews of the Best Shower Head Speakers with Bluetooth

Best Bluetooth Shower Head Speaker and Reviews

If you think you have the best shower system at home, think again. Technology has just caught up with the needs of the new age individual. The rainfall system can even be considered passé with the latest technological advancement in taking baths. Let’s talk about the bluetooth shower head speaker.

Yes, shower heads with speaker systems! How cool is that? You can listen to your playlist while you bathe. If back in the days you used to leave your bathroom door a bit open so that you can listen to your music playing, now you can take your music with you. Only a few manufacturers have dared to venture this demand. Here are some which are notable quality Bluetooth speakers.  If you want to experience music while you bathe, you can pick from these or click here to skip to the Top 3 Bluetooth Shower Head Reviews.

h20vibe rain bluetooth shower headH2oVibe4.4Check Price
kohler moxieKOHLER Moxie4.1Check Price
bidet4me shower speaker headBidet4me4.3Check Price
irainy shower speaker headiRainy4.4Check Price
knox bluetooth shower headFacilla Modern 4.3Check Price

Question is, is this really a good upgrade for the bathroom? Here are some salient points to consider if you want to upgrade into a state of the art futuristic shower head with speaker. Pushing technology even further, you can now answer phone calls while taking a bath by talking to your shower head speaker!

What is a Bluetooth Shower Speaker?

A bluetooth shower head speaker is a system that lets you play music while you wash. There is a built in speaker in the middle of the unit that lets you listen to music. How do you play music with it? It has a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to play music stored in your phones or mp4 devices. It is attached to the head and is rechargeable. It recharges over USB and usually has around 7 hours of playtime so you won’t need to charge it that often. You will have to pair it with a device, usually a phone, and sync music.

Advantages of Having a Shower Head with Speaker

  1. Listen to Music while you bathe – Of course! This is the primary reason why you should buy it. You no longer have to put your phone near you when listening to music in the bathroom. You will not have that fear that your phone might get wet and be damaged because of the mist.
  2. Music right in front of you – Yes you can buy a waterproof speaker and keep it in your bathroom but this innovation puts music right in front of you. Believe it or not, the mids and lows in these small speaker systems actually sound great.
  3. Portable speaker – you can use the speaker even outside the bathroom. You can also use wash without using the speaker.
  4. Lets you multitask – you can listen to news, podcasts and even answer phone calls. You save time doing all these things while you wash.
  5. Party more or relax more! – You can party hard by turning up the volume of your dance playlist or you can sync your speaker to nature sounds and relaxing music to calm your nerves. You can set the mood by changing your tunes to suit your needs.

Top 3 Musical Shower Head Reviews

1. Kohler Moxie

kohler moxie bluetooth shower head speaker

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The Kohler Moxie is one of the favorites and a top seller in the market. It has a lithium ion battery included that has an average battery life of 7 hours. It is polished chrome and has that modern metal look. The 2.5 gpm water flow rate is just about right for a comfortable bath. You can attach the speaker to the unit without any hassle because it is magnetic.

The Kohler Moxie has a lifetime warranty while the speaker itself has 1 year limited warranty. Both the head and the speaker function great. The nozzles deliver full spray coverage. It is easy to install and you do not need the help of a plumber. The Kohler Moxie easily connects to compatible devices. You cannot answer phone calls with this device though. As CNET states, its definitely not perfect and still has bugs to fix, but it is definitely the best choice available.

Head on over to our full review of the Kohler Moxie for more details.

2. H2OVibe

h2ovibe rain bluetooth shower head

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The H2OVibe Rain Jet with Bluetooth Speaker is one of the more affordable and reliable options in the market. This one is about 9 inches in diameter which lets you enjoy more water coverage. The spray power is 3x more powerful than any ordinary one.

The speaker is not attached by a magnet but by latching it in the middle. You will hear a click to know you have properly attached the speaker. The speaker is best experienced with volumes at 75-80%. Putting the speakers on maximum volume muffles the quality of sound. You cannot answer phone calls though. The speaker is water proof. Connectivity of your phone to the speaker can reach up to 33 feet. Definitely a good buy.

3. Facilla Modern

knox bluetooth shower head

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The Facilla Modern is another innovation when it comes to listening to music while you wash. Why? You don’t just have the capability of listening to music but now have the power of answering phone calls too. The speaker can be easily connected to Bluetooth enabled devices. When answering a phone call, you can just press a button on the speaker that allows you to accept the call.

Since you will be answering a call while in the bath, it also has that dual microphone noise reduction feature that lets the person who called you hear you better instead of just hearing the water flow. It looks great in the bathroom. Its durability has still to be tested. Although the price is fair and its a modern design, the quality is no match for Kohler. Don’t expect it to stand up to your quality options, but for a bit of fun it may be worth it.