Reviews of the Best Free Standing Toilet Paper Holders

Best Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder for Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, there are not many decor options that are usable and “fitting” in a bathroom. It is the one room in virtually every home that has the same bare necessities. There may be a heated towel warmer, a photo or color, a cool shower head that stands out from others or maybe even a fogless shower mirror, but overall, one bathroom is the same as the next. Most all bathroom necessities that people need, makeup, hair products, etc. can be put away where they are out of sight. That is, everything but the toilet paper rolls and there is nothing more unappealing than toilet paper. Thankfully, if you choose the best freestanding toilet paper holder for your bathroom, you may not find this necessity as unsightly as you normally would. Skip straight to the toilet paper holder reviews now or keep reading to learn more.

interdesign freestanding toilet paper holderInterDesign Axis - Bronze4.7$
taymore toilet paper holderTaymor Satin Nickel Pedestal 4.6$
moen toilet paper holderMoen Sienna Matte Black4.5$$
Rivers Edge Products Standing Bear Toilet Paper HolderRivers Edge Standing Bear4.4$$
twigz toilet paper holderInterDesign Twigz4.3$

Choose the Ideal Stand

When choosing one to buy for your home, you have options. You can choose colors that complement or match the existing decor in your bathroom, you can choose different styles, and there are some that have an extra storage area for not only the roll you are using, but extras. You can choose one that fits with a more contemporary style or go all out and choose a style that is more casual. There are holders that can look good in a smaller bathroom space or ones that are larger. The options are endless. Therefore, perhaps the easiest way for you to see what is available, you may want to have a look at the following.

1. The InterDesign Axis Roll Reserve

interdesign freestanding toilet paper holder

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This freestanding toilet tissue holder has a sturdy base that can store up to three extra rolls. It is made with a bronze powder coated or chrome finish that remains easy to clean because of its flat metal design. The toilet paper roll that you are using stands over the extra rolls. It weighs only 3.6 pounds and it measures out to be 8”x6.5”x25” inches.

2. The Moen Stockton Inspirations

moen toilet paper holder stand

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This is a pivoting Moen toilet paper holder. It has a brushed nickel finish that gives it a warm metallic grey look. It has a limited lifetime warranty and you will never have to deal with spring loaded toilet paper holders again. The Moen measures 21.5×7.1×9.5 inches. It is heavy enough to not tip over, but not so heavy that you cannot move it.

3. The Taymor Satin Nickel Pedestal Holder

taymor satin nickel pedestal standing toilet paper holder

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This larger toilet roll holder is available in many finishes. It is easy to keep clean and easy to assemble because you do not need any special tools. In total, it measures 22 inches tall and 7.5 inches around the very sturdy base. It weighs 4.8 pounds to ensure it will always sit upright.

4. The Moen Sienna

moen toilet paper holder

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This matte black paper holder is beautifully done to resemble old world charm with a dramatic and overall appealing look. When putting together this iron toilet paper holder, all hardware is included. It is easy to clean. It measures 21.8×7.2×3.2 inches.

5. The Rivers Edge Standing Bear

Rivers Edge Products Standing Bear Toilet Paper Holder

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This is a great toilet paper holder for a kid’s bathroom, man cave bathroom, or just in a bathroom where you want something unique. It is a standing bear that is made of poly resin. The bear holds your toilet paper between his paws. It weighs only 1 lb and the bear measures 11x10x21.5 inches.

What is a Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder?

In the traditional sense, it is something that is usually attached to a wall or a nearby cabinet and its sole purpose in life is to hold toilet paper. This ensures that it is within easy reach of the person who needs it. A standing holder serves the same purpose. However, you do not have to permanently attach it to your walls or nearby cabinets, and it is often made to look more appealing.

Why Have a Standing Holder?

Not all bathrooms have a cabinet or a wall that is near their toilet. This poses a problem for many people because even worse than having a roll of paper hanging from those areas, is having one sitting on the floor or on the back of the toilet. Another downside to traditional holders is that in homes where the area around the toilet is tight, you could end up hitting your arm on it all the time and let’s not forget the fact that most of them are simply unappealing, unmovable necessities.

A freestanding toilet paper holder is different. They are often made to be more decorative. You can put them anywhere you want them. They serve the purpose and make your bathroom a little different than everyone else’s. If you choose the right one for your home, you will also discover that it adds much more style to your bathroom.