Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors Reviews

Best Medicine Cabinets Comparison Guide

If you are in need of more storage and organization in your bathroom, consider one of these best medicine cabinets. Most people consider their bathroom a functional area rather than a place for them to enjoy being. They go in for showers or to answer nature’s call. They may also take care of makeup and personal grooming while they are there. In general, though, it is a place within your home that you do not care to hang out for more than a few minutes at a time. Some people put a lot of effort into choosing the toilet they have, the faucets, and storage options, but very few really consider all that their bathroom medicine cabinet can be.

With medicine cabinets, you can choose from a lot of unique and useful features. However, most people generally decide that many of the special features are gimmicks and therefore, they choose to stick with the basics; choosing a great style with functionality. If you have a desire for practical solutions, you should take a look at our most favorites. Read more about the many features of medicine cabinets or go ahead and skip to the best bathroom medicine cabinets reviews.

pegasus recessed mirrored medicine cabinetPegasus Mirrored Cabinet4.7$$
kohler aluminum medicine cabinetKohler Single Door Aluminum 4.4$$$
jensen frameless medicine cabinet with mirrorJensen Frameless Cabinet4.4$
elegant home bathroom medicine cabinetElegant Home Fashions Chesterfield4.3$
zenith bathroom medicine cabinet with mirrorZenith Early American3.7$$

The Features of a Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

There are a lot of choices when it comes to medicine cabinets and most people just want the basics; a place to store necessary items when they are not in use. However, we do live in a high-tech world, and some people are content to take that world into the most private room in their home. Could you imagine a medicine cabinet that has a TV inside of it? How about mp3 hookups and USB outlets? It is possible to find those things, but are they really a necessity that you feel you are not able to live without?

Most people choose to keep it simple and save their money. This means that they may choose to have a mirror that defogs so that when they step out of the shower, they can still see what they are doing. Some people may like magnifying mirrors or having their medicine cabinet double as a night light. There is a practical reason for having electrical outlets or magnetic storage areas inside of the medicine cabinet. Interior lighting and adjustable shelves are also ideal for many people. All of these things make the bathroom even more functional and turns a medicine cabinet into something that works more effectively, but many people do feel that it is still overkill.

A basic medicine cabinet that features adjustable shelves and a mirror that is clear enough for them to see into is what most homes enjoy having. These medicine cabinets are cheaper than the ones that are loaded with the extreme features, but they still manage to be useful in every way.

Do you want the gimmicks? Are you content with basic, stylish, and serviceable medicine cabinets? Regardless of what you may feel is best, you should take a look at what we consider to be the best medicine cabinets on the market. They may not be based on technology, but they are impressive in their own way.

Best Medicine Cabinet Reviews

1. Kohler Single Door Aluminum Cabinet

best medicine cabinets

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This is the Best Selling medicine cabinet on Amazon. It is a single door aluminum cabinet that measures 20” x 26” x 5”. Inside there are two adjustable glass shelves and a mirror. The full overlay mirrored door features beveled edges. You can adjust the door to open to the left or right, depending on your personal preference.

2. Jenson Frameless with Beveled Edge Mirror

jensen frameless best medicine cabinet with mirror

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If you want a basic, functional, and reasonably priced medicine cabinet, this could be the one for you. The Jensen is a frameless, recessed mirrored medicine cabinet that measures 22” x 3 3/4”. It fits snugly against a wall. Also, it has fixed white plastic shelves inside of it.

3. Zenith Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

zenith bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror

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Another very basic, large mirrored medicine cabinet is the MC10WW. It has a beveled mirror, a decorative frame, and looks great in any bathroom. The Zenith is a surface mount medicine cabinet and has two adjustable shelves. It measures 20 1/4” by 27”.

4. Pegasus Recessed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

pegasus recessed mirrored medicine cabinet

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You can mount this bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors on the surface or as a recessed medicine cabinet. It has adjustable glass shelves and the entire cabinet is mirrored because of its aluminum case. The beveled mirror is clear and it measures 15” W by 26” H. It is also 5” deep.

5. Elegant Home Fashions Chesterfield Collection

elegant home bathroom medicine cabinet

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This cabinet has tempered glass doors instead of mirrors. It is espresso colored rather than the basic white, which appeals to many people. Additionally, it is made of wood and opens with double doors. Very minimal assembly is required and measures 25” x 22.25” x 8” to make it one of the deepest medicine cabinets available.