Reviews of the Best Rain Shower Heads and Systems

Best Rain Shower Heads For Your Home Bathroom

With the different brands of shower heads available in the market, you wonder which one would truly give you a relaxing bath when you go home from a busy day at work. Which rainfall system will be able to jolt you in the morning to motivate you to go to work? Which ones would not just look good in your bathroom but also be quality built and not corrode nor fade after a couple of months use? This depends on each persons preferences and needs. Are you are looking for additional features, such as a LED lights or a bluetooth speaker? We’ve weighed in on cost, design, functionality and durability alone and come up with what we believe are the best of the best. Click to skip to the Top 3 Rain Shower Head Reviews.

moen velocity shower headMoen S6320 Velocity4.8Check Price
hansgrohe raindance shower headHansgrohe Raindance4.7Check Price
delta rain shower headDelta Arzo4.4Check Price
waterpik rain shower headWaterpik Drenching Rain Fall4.5Check Price
american standard rainAmerican Standard Easy Clean3.7Check Price

What is a Rain Shower Head?

Rain shower heads are the most popular type of shower head because they let you experience showering in the rain. They make you feel like you are taking a bath outside in a rainforest without actually being outside. This kind of system is designed to give you a realistic experience indoors.

The usual design is either thin squared or round with many small holes where water can steadily, easily and evenly flow. The best designed rain systems add certain features like pulse mechanisms which make the water flowing form into droplets. The more expensive and sophisticated models have multiple settings like pulsating rain massage, drenching rain storm, water saving setting and a lot more.

The material used varies from steel, chrome, to brass. In most cases, you can easily replace your standard system just by unscrewing the old one and replacing it with the new system. You can also purchase an extending arm to elevate and position it better. Otherwise it can be installed from the ceiling.

Advantages of Rainfall Shower Heads

  1. Relaxing – instead of having the water directly go to your face, a square rain head lets water flow to your head down to your shoulders and the rest of your body. With the different settings, you will have a more relaxing experience as you choose to bathe under a powerful massage setting or have longer wash time with the mist setting.
  2. Bigger coverage – the design is definitely bigger than a regular unit. Most square type designs are at least 8” x 8” as compared to a regular unit which only has a 2” radius. Bigger coverage means you do not have to adjust your position left and right, front and back just to get that water flowing in every part of your body. You can just stand still and “let the rain fall” on you.
  3. Classy Style – most hotels nowadays have the rainfall style in their bathrooms. Having this in your home gives your bathroom a classy look to it. Your house guests would definitely appreciate it.

Top 3 Rain Shower Head Reviews for 2017

1. Moen Velocity S6320

moen best rain shower heads

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This is a chrome finished Moen Velocity that emits that cool grey metallic look. It has two spray patterns for you to choose from: rainfall and concentrated rinse. It has Moen’s technology that gives you 3x more spray power as compared to traditional ones.

Although it is chrome finished, it is made from brass which makes it durable. It is wall mounted so there is no need to hire a plumber to install it for you. The warranty is what makes this system a consumer favorite. It has a lifetime warranty for homeowners and 5 years warranty for non-homeowners. This guarantees that the product is free from leaks and drips. It’s also good to know the company backs its product, which is why Moen is one of the best in the industry. For more details, head over to our full review of the Moen Velocity to see why we love it so much!

2. Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR

hansgrohe best rain shower head

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This 10 inch Hansgrohe is one of the best in the market. It has an air jet system that lets you feel a 2.5 gpm flow like its 6 gpm. The raindrops are bigger than regular units. It is round shaped and chrome finished. Material used is brass for durability.

Because of the number of uses, dirt can accumulate in the nozzles. However, the design of the Raindance makes it easy for you to clean it just by rubbing the dirt away. With its quick clean design, you can just wipe off the lime scale deposits. Considering the purchase, the price is more expensive than the rest because extension arms are sold separately. However, its worth the investment for a quality system.

For more details, see our full review of the Hansgrohe Raindance.

3. Delta Arzo Square

delta rain shower head

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The Delta Arzo is another must purchase to make your bathroom look stylistic and contemporary. Just like most shower heads in 5 star hotels, this Delta gives you that authentic rain drop feel when you take a bath. It is square shaped and chrome finished made from brass material. It has lifetime limited warranty. The purchase includes the faucet. This is one the more affordable and yet stylish options. Most reviews would say that it is not just a great buy because of its modern look and price but because it works great as well.

You can never go wrong with these top 3 choices. Choose according to your preference and budget and enjoy that 5 star hotel feel rain drop experience.