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Aqua Elegante 3-inch High Flow Shower Head

Whether you just woke up, finished working out, or came home from work, chances are you are heading to your bathroom for a rejuvenating shower. Now, many people don’t really pay attention to the items

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Delta Shower Head with H2OKinetic Technology

Every time you take a shower, you end up frustrated, because that shower head of yours poorly performs. You neither get good pressure nor can you rotate the shower head. Does this story sound familiar

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Vida Alegría 5-Inch High Pressure Shower Head

If you made it to my page, then you are most likely looking for a way to increase the water pressure in your daily shower. You’ve probably heard about the Vida Alegría and want to know if it is

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Ana Bath 5-Function Double Shower Head Combo

When you have had a long stressful day; you most likely want to relax. What is the best way to do it? For most people, it is a long, hot bath. On hot days, it may be a cooler one that does the trick. No

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Review of the Zoe Neptune Dual Shower Head

One of life’s greatest simple pleasures is relaxing in a shower. However, to fully enjoy this pleasure, you will want to have a shower head that can provide all over water spray that relaxes you the

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Grohe Freehander Double Headed Shower System

In the world of bathroom faucets and accessories, you have a lot of options; especially when it comes to your shower. Some may have single heads or handhelds. You also have dual shower heads that offer

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Rozin Oil Rubbed Bronze Hand Shower Slide Bar System

Most people want the rainfall effect, but they do not want to give up a handheld. They like the soothing feel of the rain, but they love the versatility of their handheld unit. Rozin combines the best

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Moen Vitalize Rain Shower Head Review

Everyone knows that a bath is only as good as the water pressure and shower head in your home allows for it to be. That is why most people put so much thought into the right one for their home. It is

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Coeur Designs Stainless Rainfall Shower Unit

When it comes to relaxing experiences, most people want to take a bath and have it be a place that they can unwind. There are a lot of manufacturers that promise to provide luxury in a shower head, at

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Vida Alegria Spashower Square Rainfall System

The newest trend in shower heads is to have a rainfall system, washing the stress of the day away. This is a great idea and in the past it was often something that only spas would offer. Now, people can

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