Coeur Designs Stainless Rainfall Shower Head Review

Coeur Designs Stainless Rainfall Shower Unit

When it comes to relaxing experiences, most people want to take a bath and have it be a place that they can unwind. There are a lot of manufacturers that promise to provide luxury in a shower head, at an affordable price, but few can do it as well as Coeur. To see why it is so impressive, you should look at our Coeur Designs stainless rainfall shower head review.

Features of the Coeur

rainfall shower head

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This rain shower head is stainless steel and has a premium chrome finish. It is 6” around and offers 50 jets of water so that every part of your body will be covered in water at all times. Each of the jets are rubbery so that you can clean it easily if your jets become clogged.

The Coeur offers a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. This can be increased if you remove the restrictor that is inside of it. However, most homes will not need the restrictor to be removed.

It comes with a 5-year no questions asked warranty. This should give you peace of mind when you purchase it. It also comes with everything you need for an easy, hassle free installation. It even has the Teflon tape and an arm included.

Benefits of Owning This Rainfall Shower Headbest shower head

The biggest benefit is that it comes at a very affordable price. It is backed by an outstanding warranty and most people agree that it is the best they ever owned. It offers a lot of power and provides you with an all-over spray that is going to be enjoyable. There is a restrictor inside of it that you can remove to get even more power in your spray if you feel it is needed. As an added bonus, all packaging material can be recycled. This means you do not have to deal with filling up the landfill. This makes it good for the environment in every way.

best shower headWhat Users Say about the Coeur 

It has an average rating of 4.4 stars. The reviews will not give you reason to question why people love it. Users say it works well on long hair to speed up rinsing. Most agree that it is extremely easy to install and only takes about 5-minutes of time. Additionally, they say it offers pressure where they need it the most. Overall feel that it can provide them with a relaxing bath experience. They also love the way it looks in their bathroom. The polished chrome makes it look both contemporary and traditional. In short, owners of the Coeur Designs Rainfall system, say that it is an excellent option for anyone who wants a relaxing, drenching, rainfall system.

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