Review of the Delta Rain Shower Head and Faucet

Delta Arzo Faucet Rainfall Shower Head

A rainfall shower head is an item that is becoming more and more desirable in many homes around the world. The reason, there is nothing more soothing to most people than hearing the rain fall outside and who doesn’t remember those good ole days of playing in the rain as children? It is a contemporary way to bathe, regardless of why you choose to do it. To increase the contemporary appeal, many people are turning to the Delta Arzo. It is beautiful and perfect for most people. Will you love it, too?

delta arzo faucet rainfall shower head review

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Features of the Delta Arzo

This brass shower unit has a chrome finish that makes people stop and look at its beauty. The fact that it is made with brass gives it the durability that people desire in their home bathroom.

delta arzo shower headIt is lightweight at only 6.6 pounds and measures out to be 17×7.2×17 inches. This is more than large enough to cover most people in a bath that they will not soon forget.

Included with this purchase is the rainfall unit and the handle. Most reviewers agree that installation is relatively easy, but you must purchase the rough-in model R10000-UNBX separately. It is inexpensive and makes it so that you no longer have to set your water temperature before you get in the shower. You simply set the temperature you like the first time you use it and it will stay set to that temperature, even after you turn off the water.

The entire faucet and finish have a lifetime limited warranty. This should give buyers piece of mind over their purchase.

The Delta Arzo allows water to fall softly onto your body. Many people consider it to be a gentle rain. However, it does not use any more water than your average system.

Benefits of the Delta Faucet

Whether you bathe in the morning or prefer to wash away the stress of your day away in the evening, many people feel that only the best rain shower heads provide the most rewarding bathing experience. They are able to relax your body and soothe your mind after a hard day of working or chasing kids, but at the same time, it can be an energizing way to start out and prepare to begin the day ahead. It also makes it easier to get the soap off your body after you have washed because there is more water covering more of your body at one time.

Why You Will Love It

The Delta Arzo Faucet makes it easy to enjoy your home bathroom again. The simple fact that you set the water temperature one time and it stays set to that temperature is a great feature for people who do not want to run out their hot water tank and want to ensure kids do not get burned by the water. It will relax you and provide you with the best you have ever experienced. If you look at the reviews, you will see that other people agree. Many people have made the switch to a gentler shower and most agree that it is a lot more soothing to their soul. You will also if you give it a chance.

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