Delta In2ition 2 Function Handheld Shower Head Review

Delta In2ition Review: Two in One Shower Head

Handheld showers are a favorite among many people due to their flexibility and design. Parents and pet-owners find them much easier to use, as do the elderly and disabled. One option that has a lot of people talking is the Delta In2ition Shower Head. Delta is a reputable manufacturer of all bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures and the In2ition might just be their best design yet.

delta in2ition shower head

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The Delta In2ition Review

The Delta In2ition is a two in one system that promotes water conservation by using a pause feature. This pause feature will allow you to put the unit down while you are soaping up your hair or washing your child without wasting water. You will not have to reset the water to the right temperature or risk having it randomly spray everywhere it shouldn’t. This is great news considering it is also available with either a 60” or 82” hose that is stretchable to reach anywhere you need it to go.

delta in2ition shower head reviewThe handheld shower head also gives you four unique spray settings. This includes the pause feature as well as a fast massage setting, a full sprayer, steam setting, and more. This enables you to be fully covered in jets of water whether you are using it as a hand held or mounted to the base. This is further proven by the full 5×5.5 inches oval diameter, which is filled with water jets.

The Delta In2ition is 2.4 pounds and it is made of brass that is chrome covered. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty to increase buyer confidence.

This particular model is one of the most budget friendly options ringing in at under $100, however, you can opt for the more expensive model which provides more features. The only downside to it is that you will have to purchase the arm and the flange separately. This is a minor inconvenience for most people and only a small extra expense for you to deal with.

Delta In2ition Reviews: What Do Consumers Think?

One of the first things we noticed on the reviews is 5-star rating across the board. They love how easy it is to set up and install. Reviewers enjoy being able to remove the flow restrictor to get more water pressure in low pressure homes. They also love how the pause feature works which is why most are repeat buyers. They buy replacements if they want to pretty up their bathroom or they buy it for a second bath.

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Is the Delta In2ition Two in One For You?

Overall, you will bring your bathing experience to a whole new level by using the Delta In2ition. It is a good quality, easy to use and fun to enjoy option that will never leave you wishing for a more relaxing experience. If you have low water pressure, the Delta In2ition will adjust easily to give you more water pressure. You can simply removing the restrictor valve. The pulsing massage will relax you, the full body spray will get you clean, and the high pressure stream will wash your cares away. What more could you ask for?