Review of the Waterpik Flexible Shower Head For Your Home Bathroom

Flexible Waterpik Shower Head Review

In homes everywhere there is a common issue that many have been unable to figure out the right way to handle. It isn’t something that has a simple fix. It isn’t something that can be changed with a changing attitude. Actually, it is our showers. Trying to find the right height for the shower head is always an issue, especially if you have one large person who doesn’t want to bump their head on the unit and a shorter person who does not want to feel as though they are being drowned. The past solution to this issue has been handhelds (seen here). But at some point, everyone gets tired of shampooing with only one free hand. This Waterpik shower head promises to change the way we handle this issue, but does it work?

waterpik flexible shower head

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Features of the Flexible Waterpik

The Waterpik gives you a high pressure, full body spray that gives you water where you want it; everywhere. The chrome face unit is multi-tier to further ensure that you have water where you need it. It features a Waterpik flex hose to ensure that it is fully adjustable. This means that whether you are short or tall, you can put the water where you want for it to be. Best of all is the fact that it is made in a very contemporary chrome design that will look great in any bathroom. According to Amazon reviewers, it is easy to install and you do not have to assemble anything to get it in your bathroom. It also has rubberized water jets to ensure it will never become clogged.

Benefits of the Waterpik 

flexible shower headThe Waterpik is designed to be usable by everyone in the family. It can be adjusted up if you are taller than the rest of your family or lower it to make it perfect for kids. You can twist it to aim toward the wall and away from the door. Additionally, you can lower it and twist it so it hits your back to soothe aching muscles. No matter where you put it, it will stay there until you choose to move it again. Can you imagine how much easier this will make your life? You can even use this feature to clean with ease.

To install, you simply take off the old one, clean the threads, and screw the new, flexible shower head into place. This provides you with a high pressure, OptiiFLOW system and it really only takes a couple minutes of your time. How much simpler can it be?

Waterpik Reviews

According to the reviews, the fact that it is flexible is great, but they really love the Waterpiks in general. The water pressure is unmatchable according to most owners. Some even live in rural areas that have virtually no water pressure for standard units and the Waterpik gives them a bathing experience like none other. When it comes to negative things, mostly the issues people have with it are simple user preferences. One reviewer says it is noisy to change the position. Another that it does not meet their expectations based on past experiences with Waterpik. You have to decide for yourself if it is worth it. Most people agree it is.

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