Grohe Freehander Dual Shower Head System Review

Grohe Freehander Double Headed Shower System

In the world of bathroom faucets and accessories, you have a lot of options; especially when it comes to your shower. Some may have single heads or handhelds. You also have dual shower heads that offer a variety of water flows at one time. The issue for some people is that on a double you will either have two stationary that hit you from the same direction or a handheld which give you extra reach, but you have to hold. The Freehander is different. To learn what makes it special; you should check out some of its most impressive features in our Grohe Freehander review.

grohe freehander dual shower head

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Features of the Grohe Freehander

The most impressive feature of this unit is that you can shower completely hands free. The two heads are held by an arm that pivots and adjusts 180 degrees so you can use it take advantage of its full body spray functions. Each head can adjust to nine positions when in the elevated position and nine when it is lowered.

It has two heads that provide you with 18 unique spray combinations. They are each equipped with the GROHE DreamSpray, which delivers a precise and consistent water flow regardless of which spray patterns you are using. This ensures you have a customized experience every time you step inside your bathroom. The outer head has three spray patterns including wide, pulsating, and water saving. The inner one has wide, pulsate, and stop.

You do not have to worry about any of the water jets becoming clogged since it has a SpeedClean anti-lime system on it. You simply wipe it with your finger and limescale deposits will go away. This will ensure that you always have like-new performance no matter how long you have had it.

It will also be a unit that will look new throughout many years. It has the GROHE StarLight finish to ensure that it is scratch and tarnish resistant.

The Freehander is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all mechanical aspects of it and a Lifetime warranty on parts. This is great considering it comes with everything you need to install it, including a mounting bracket that attaches to the water pipes in your home.

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Benefits of This Dual Head System

There are a lot of reasons you may want to consider owning the Freehander. We love the fact it comes with a lifetime warranty on parts, but we also feel that you will benefit from having access to two heads that can be turned on together or set up differently. The economy mode, for times when you are lathering up, means you will save up to 80% of you water and still have a fully functioning spray, but when it is time to rinse; you can have a full, pulsating spray that is very relaxing. The fact that there are so many settings is definitely a positive feature. It will enable you to have the bathing experience that you want when you want it.

What Others Say About the Freehander

The Freehander by Grohe has a 3.9-star rating. Most people feel that it was truly a great purchase. They love how well it meets their needs since the adjustable arm makes it perfect for both tall and shorter people within the house. Some have had to have it professionally installed, but most are able to put it in themselves. The biggest issue for many people is that once installed, you will have to fill in holes to change out the double shower head system. It bolts directly to the shower wall using four bolts. There are a few people who say that the water flow is weak, but most people do not share this opinion.

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