Best Frameless And Sliding Shower Doors For Your Bathroom

Guide to the Best Shower Doors For Tubs and Showers

A shower door is a bit of a luxury that many people cut out of their budget to save money. However, many people realize how big of a difference a door can make when it comes to keeping the water within the bath. No door = a great big mess in the bathroom with water flying everywhere. This creates more work when it comes to cleaning and can also present mold and mildew issues. The great thing about doors is that they can always be added later and there are shapes and styles available for everyone’s bathroom and budget. By choosing the one of the below, you can eliminate the moldy curtain and change the entire way your bathroom looks when you walk in. Continue reading or skip to reviews of the best shower doors now.

best shower doorVIGO SoHo Adjustable Frameless Shower Door4.8$$$
dreamline shower door reviewsDreamline Infinity Frameless Sliding Shower Door4.7$$$
best shower doorsDreamline Frameless Pivot Shower Door4.4$$$$
dreamline shower door reviewsDreamline Frameless Bathtub Shower Door4.3$$$
kohler shower doorsKohler Fluence Frameless Bypass Shower Door4.3$$$$

Top 5 Shower Door Reviews

To help you decide which glass door you want for your home, here are a few of the most popular choices. All of these are built to last and beautiful to see inside any home.

1. VIGO SoHo 24” Adjustable Frameless

frameless shower door

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With this door, you have no frame to deal with. It is just a pure glass door, but you do get to choose the hardware color you prefer. It includes everything you need for installation, minus the tools, and clear seals ensure it is waterproof.

2. DreamLine Infinity-Z Frameless Sliding Door

dreamline infinity shower door

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If you like the idea of only one sliding door, you may love this option, according to many Dreamline reviews. It has a towel bar on the stationary door and tempered glass. It comes with a lifetime warranty and everything you need except the SlimLine base.

3. DreamLine AquaFold Frameless Bathtub Combo

dreamline shower door reviews

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This is one of the best frameless options for bathtubs. This Dreamline shower door has a hinged tub door that is pure tempered glass. The door is reversible so that you can put it where you need it. It is recommended that you have a professional install it, but it is not necessary.

4. DreamLine Flex Frameless Pivot

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When it comes to Dreamline, a popular choice for many is the pivoting model. This Dreamline shower door is clear, thick tempered glass and includes chrome hardware. You can reverse the door so that it opens from either direction and closes using a magnetic strip to ensure it will keep water where it belongs.

5. KOHLER Fluence Frameless Bypass

kohler shower door

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Kohler shower doors have always been a popular choice, especially when it comes to frameless options. This is a Eurostyle door that opens and closes quietly. It installs easily and the CleanCoat glass coating on the doors will repel water to ensure easy cleanup.

Complete Your Bathroom With a Door

Shower doors complete the look of your bathroom. Many people do not realize how big of a decision it is to decide on the one that is right for their home. Many throw up a curtain and call it a day. In a pinch, this works well enough, but it isn’t a perfect solution. True sliding doors make it virtually impossible for water to splash out of the bath, whereas a curtain will not always close completely. They are also going to look great. They are easy to clean, resist mold, mildew, and even soap scum. These doors also allow you to have more light in your bathroom, which is ideal for women who shave while showering. You still have a variety of doors to choose from. All of which can class up your bathroom just a little bit more.

What Are the Best Type of Doors?

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When it comes to options, you can choose to have a clear glass door, glass doors with designs on them, or frosted sliding doors. There are also framed and frameless doors available, simple doors, doors that work best with a bathtub/shower combination, and those that are simply for a walk in. There are also corner glass doors for areas that are in the corner of your bathroom. In many cases, you can also choose the color of the frame for your glass.

Installing a Shower Door

If you are concerned about how hard it may be to tackle installation, you do not have to let this be something that holds you back. It may take a little time to get it done, but it is not a hard task.

The framed non-slide glass doors simply require you to put the frame around the entry area, then put the glass and door into place. For a sliding glass door, you will want to start at the bottom and attach the frame to the walls. Set the doors into the track and then put the top rail up. You will finish off with caulking to ensure it is leak free. Installing a frameless glass door will be a little more time consuming because you will have to drill holes for the hinges and the bottom door stripping to stop it from swinging or sliding wrong. If you aren’t confident in your handyman skills, you can always hire someone to tackle this project for you.