Cost and Reviews of the Best Walk-in Bathtubs for 2017

Best Walk In Tubs Prices and Reviews

If you are in search of a walk in bathtub, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to provide you with reviews of the best walk in tubs on the market. If you think about where most accidents happen in the home, you may realize that it is the bathroom, especially when it comes to elderly or anyone who has mobility issues trying to bathe. This is because, in a shower, the floor of the shower becomes wet and slick. Then when they attempt to get out of the bath, they have to step over the side of the bathtub. That is why many people who have certain disabilities are choosing to get a walk in bathtub. However, before you rush out to get one in your home, you may want to read through our guide or skip straight to the best walk-in tub prices and reviews.

ariel bath walk in bathtub reviewsAriel Bath Soaker 5.0$$
american standard walk in tub reviewsAmerican Standard Whirlpool Gelcoat 5.0$$$$
deluxe dual massage acrylic walk in tubDeluxe Dual Massage Acrylic5.0$$$$
companion massage walk in tub reviewElla Accessible Companion Massage4.5$$$$
whirlpool walk in tub reviewsWhirlpool Fully Loaded4.3$$$

What is a Walk-In Tub?

The best walk in tubs have a door that is located on the side or the front of them. The door should have a proper seal so that there no lip that requires a person to step over the side of it. They simply have to walk through and sit down. Many of them will have the ability to drain quickly so that when a person is done bathing, they will not have to sit in the tub to wait for the water to flow out for very long.

Features of the tub may include an adjustable or a handheld shower, hand rails, bubble jets that are adjustable, and a large seat that is easy to sit down and get up from. The downside for some people is that they often require a professional to install them. This can increase the price of it and many people feel the cost of walk in tub is unrealistic for their budget. If you are concerned about this, you should search to find the best walk in tubs prices for your budget. Perhaps a portable option instead of a permanently is more suitable for you.

What’s So Great About Them?

By avoiding having to step into a bathtub, elderly and disabled people have the ability to bathe themselves easier. This allows them to remain independent for a longer time. Even if the person chooses to stand up to shower, there is a pad in the bottom of the tub that will not get slick. This padding is also on the seat to ensure that they do not slide down into the water. Some offer heated seats to ensure comfort while the tub is filling or draining. Water controls may also be within easy reach of the seat so that you can easily adjust the temperature of your water.

To show you what features are available, and help you understand the benefits, price, and other important information, you should take a look at our reviews. You should keep in mind that when you consider how much is a walk in tub and whether it is worth it or not, that safety and security, does not really have a price tag. They are not cheap bathroom options, but they give you so much that most people feel it is worth it, regardless of the price. We have done the hard work to show you what is available, so that you can do less research on your own.

Top 5 Walk In Tub Reviews

1. Deluxe Dual Massage Acrylic

deluxe dual massage acrylic walk in tub

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If you want the best walk in tub, this is one of the most reviewed on Amazon. It has an 80-second fast drain system and a limited lifetime warranty on the door, shell, and frame. There is a 5-year warranty on all other parts. It uses air massage to power the 10 therapeutic jets. The hydro massage system uses 12 jets and an in-line heater to keep your water warm. All shower accessories are within easy reach along the side of the tub. It is priced at just under $5,000 and carries a 5-star rating from all purchasers.

2. Whirlpool Fully Loaded Bathtub

whirlpool best walk in tubs reviews

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This walk in tub is a little more affordable. It has 12 fully adjustable water jets, 20 air bubble massage injectors, a left drain, and more. The seat is easy to get in and out of and all controls are within reach of the seat. According to reviews, it takes only 3 minutes for this tub to drain out.

3. Ariel Bath Soaker Tub and Shower Combo

ariel bath walk in bathtub reviews

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This walk in tub is a great value. It includes a handheld shower, safety grab bar, and a textured bottom to ensure it is slip resistant. The only downside is that it does not have jets to it. However, it is designed to be functional for a very long time.

4. Companion Massage Tub

companion massage best walk in tubs review

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This walk in tub and shower combo is one of the more expensive options. However, with that price you get a tub that is very easy to use. It has a steel frame door that is made of tempered glass. All shower/water controls are easy to reach. It has two seats in it and an LED light that has multiple colors to create a relaxing environment.

5. American Standard Walk In Bathtub

american standard walk in tub reviews

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This tub has a quick drain system, multi-jets, a leg only massage for therapeutic use, and its own built in cleaning system. The left handed tub setup is quite a bit less than the right-hand setup. Both options are available.