Moen Magnetix Removable Handheld Shower Head System

Moen Magnetix Handheld Shower Unit Review

A Moen shower head is often associated with high prices and a quality product when it comes to fixtures. However, the Magnetix changes the way we look at Moen products. It is still the same quality product we expect, yet it is affordably priced. It is now considered one of the best handshowers on the market. Read on to see why…

Features of the Moen Shower Head

moen magnetix handheld shower head

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The most unique thing about the Moen Magnetix is the way that you attach it to the holder. Instead of having to slide it inside of the bracket, you simply hold it up to the arm. Magnets inside both the holder/arm and the unit will snap together and hold it securely in place.

This is one of the best handheld shower heads due to its large 5” unit and a 5.5” spray face. This ensures you have plenty of water coverage. This is great when using the 6 function spray settings that you choose by clicking a button.

The Moen is WaterSense certified. It uses only 2.0GPM, but still provides ample water pressure. However, if you feel that you are not getting the shower that you should be with the restrictor, you can remove it to get more flow.

You can choose a finish that is chrome or brushed nickel, depending on your personal preferences. The brushed nickel is ideal if you are worried about finger prints and water spots, but the chrome is easy to keep clean as well.moen shower head

There is a 60” metal hose included so that you have everything you need. The large hose length also makes it easy for you to reach the hard to reach areas of your bathroom when cleaning it. It also makes it easier to bathe children, pets, and yourself. The hose will never kink, regardless of what you are doing with it.

Why Choose the Moen Magnetix?

There are a lot of reasons you should consider the Moen Magnetix. Moen is a trusted name in all types of faucets and fixtures in the bathroom. The Magnetix is no different. It adds convenience by using magnets to secure the head to the holder. You can simply push button to flip through different water spray settings, instead of the traditional turn dial. The Moen Magnetix promises to give you plenty of water pressure. It is also one of the most affordable systems available for all that it offers.

moen magnetix shower headOwner Reviews of the Magnetix by Moen

If you are curious about the Moen shower head reviews left by current owners, you should know that most people love it. It has an average rating of 4.2-stars. The main reason it gets less than a five-star rating by some owners is that it uses a lot of plastic parts. Some people feel that it is not ideal for them to have the plastic. Even those who knock off stars for the plastic, all say that it works very well when installed. They feel that it is a pretty unit, light enough to hold comfortably, and everyone loves the magnet. If it were all metal, it wouldn’t be so light and easy to hold, so you have to admit it may be a kind of trade off.

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