Oxygenics Shower Head Is Eco-Friendly and Saves Water in The Shower

Oxygenics SkinCare Gold Shower Head Review

If your old fashioned shower head leaves a little to be desired, perhaps you should consider a new and improved one from Oxygenics. By design, it is meant to improve water pressure so that you will never have to worry about soaps or shampoos lingering on your skin after you turn exit the bath. Now, is the perfect time to give the Oxygenics SkinCare a try.

oxygenics shower head

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Features of the Oxygenics

The Oxygenics provides a unique patented pressurizing technology that will feel great while providing youoxygenics skincare gold shower head review with the ultimate bathing experience. It works regardless of how much water pressure your home has inside of it, even if you have as little as 20 psi. However, if you feel that there is too much pressure you can tone it down a gentler flow. It is easily adjustable to range from gentle to massaging, depending on your personal preference.

It is guaranteed to never clog. This is because it resists corrosion and scale buildup. This low flow shower head has a full lifetime guarantee on it to ensure that it will never get clogged or fail you in any way.

The bold, gold complements any bathroom decor. It does not matter whether you prefer a more modern themed bathroom or a traditional setting.

Additionally, it uses 70% less water than traditional units. It works by adding more oxygen content to the water that it uses. This purifies the water and revitalizes your skin while saving you 30-70% on your yearly water bill.

Benefits of the Oxygenics SkinCare 

oxygenics gold shower head reviewThe Oxygenics is ideal for places where hard water pressure is not available. It is a high pressure option for low water pressure homes and it does not require you to upgrade your water pipes. The Oxygenics does not hold water in a pressurized chamber. It simply uses the water that you have available and pressurizes it by combining it with air. The fact that air pressure is involved as well means that you save water while bathing and this is also beneficial to the Earth when water preservation is most important.

Why Choose The Oxygenics Gold?

As you read through reviews, you will see that this water saving option has many fans. You can also see how it works to give you exactly what you want. With this, you can take control of your bath and the amount of pressure that you get. It sends out a jet of water that reminds some people of a pressure washer. You can tone down the pressure by adjusting the spray and if that still feels like too much water pressure for your comfort, you can easily step to the back of the bath and lessen it further.

Some of the main complaints is that the water spray is too much or not wide enough for some people. Others feel that is a little noisy. However, most people feel that the Oxygenics is well worth it. Especially if you live in an area that needs more water pressure.

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