Rozin Adjustable Height Shower Head and Slide Bar Review

Rozin Oil Rubbed Bronze Hand Shower Slide Bar System

Most people want the rainfall effect, but they do not want to give up a handheld. They like the soothing feel of the rain, but they love the versatility of their handheld unit. Rozin combines the best of both worlds. It is a system with a handheld unit that provides the rain and more. Is it worth it? Will it do what you want it to do? Read our full Rozin hand shower shower with slide bar review to find out…

Features of the Rozin
best rain shower head with handheld

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The Rozin is available in a variety of colors. Therefore, if you feel that the bronze is not ideal for you; you may also choose from nickel, chrome, and gold.

It uses a hole in the center to allow you to run your hot and cold water supply lines. This measures 15cm (6”) from the hot knob to the cold one. The slide bar has an adjustable height of between 31” and 47”. The top unit is a full 8-inches to provide you with an all-over raining effect.

This adjustable height hand shower with slide bar installs easily and mounts simply to the wall. To further help you with the installation, the head will swivel when it is attached so you can point it into any direction that is most convenient.

Benefits of The Adjustable Height Systemadjustable height sliding system

Even though this does not have multiple water spray settings, it still is an impressive system. It has a beautiful style, regardless of which color you choose, and it combines both a handheld and the rainfall water effects that people everywhere enjoy. It is easy to install and enjoyable to use. All that you need is a single hole in your wall for access to the water supply lines to be able to run hot and cold water into it. The rest will be easy and you should be able to use it within only a short amount of time, without the help of your local plumber.

sliding shower headOwner Opinions of the Rozin

Overall, the Rozin holds a 4.4-star rating from its current owners. It is a fairly new product, so there are not many reviews, but so far there is only one negative review and it is simply that it wasn’t right for them. Most all owners say that they love it and that it is well put together. Many have changed over their shower head to look nice along with their newly remodeled bathroom. They like the way that the water flows out of it and they enjoy having the ability to swivel the head or hold it in their hand when using it. It does take a while for it to arrive at your home since it will ship to you from China, but if you want quality and beauty; it could be worth the wait.

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